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Rego SophiaRego Artist Pratt Institute Photographer Videography Illustraion Editor Image Editor Color Grader Brooklyn Latino Latina Artist Queer Artist POC Person of Color Bisexual Gay Lesbian Queer Nonbinary

About Me

Rego is a Brooklyn-based artist who's work is a poetic, deep dive into my personal conflicts, often expressing radical queer philosophies and soothed by a touch of surrealism. As a multimedia artist, Rego's work ranges from film to paintings to wearable sculpture, choosing the medium they believe best fits the narrative. The work they create is heavily influenced by their experience as second-generation Latino living in a predominantly white, midwestern suburb. They pull references from their memories of childhood, dreams, and myth and turn them into intimate pieces of art.

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"Buttons" directed by Elijah Plaep- August 2021 - February 2022

Production Designer

"Twentysomething" by Mirella - October 2020

Promotional Album Artist

"Nathan & Scott" directed by Kelley Grade - December 2020 - April 2021

Art Director

"Magic Maddy" directed by Abraham Howard -  April 2020

Promotional Graphics Designer

Bozozo Productions -  2019 - 2020

“I Love You Forever” Short Film / Music Video - Lead Creative Director, Prop Master, HMU, Stylist, Set Designer

“Ponyboy” Music Video - HMU, Stylist

“Warmth of the TV” Music Video - HMU, Stylist, on set Photographer

“Faith in Humanity” Mini Documentary - Camera Operator, Interviewer

"mirror_stage_02" - 360 Videographer, VR editor, Director

"Like People Love to Forget" - Art Director, HMU, On Set Photographer​

Gee Spot Cine - October 2018- July 2019

"TBA" Test Shoot - Set Designer, PA

Magent Media - May 2019 - August 2019

"On2It" — On set PA

"Greenhouse" - On set PA, Prop Master, Graphic Designer

"Weils" - On set PA, HMU

"US Bank" - Prop Master, Graphic Designer

"JP Morgan Women on the Move Podcast"- On set PA

"Anything But The Void" Art and Film Show - May 2019

Gallery - Host, Gallergy Art Director, Advertising

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